Thursday, May 3, 2012

Best Language For Web Development

People ask me very often what is the best language for web development. But answer is not simple at all, because there are plenty of languages to learn for web development and what is the best one really depends on what do you want to accomplish. Let's take a look at the most popular languages used for web development today, and shortly describe what every of them can and can't do, so you will be able to find out what is the best one for you and start learning it.

1. PHP

We all know about this one, even people that never had any relation with the web development world have heard about PHP. It's the language used to make dynamic web pages and it has general purpose, so it means you can do big amount of things with it. It's a server side script, which means that the code is executed on the web server which return resulting web page to the browser after the processing. It can be implemented directly into the HTML document without calling it from the external file. You can have as many blocks of PHP code as you want inside your HTML document. So it's by far the most used server side programming language, and you can't make mistake if you go for this one. Some other server side languages worth mentioning are: ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, Perl, Java..etc. If you are a newcomer with the PHP, I am sure that you can jump right in and you will be able to write some simple but still useful scripts in a few hours, and still, if you master it, you can write high end professional scripts. Go for it!

Here is a statistic for usage of server side programming languages for website by

best language for web development

2. Javascript

Javascript is most popular scripting language out there. One of the best web programming language. It runs on browser and it's usually used to add interactivity to the web pages. You can embed it into your HTML document by using a <script></script> tag, or link to external javascript file inside of head tag in your document, which is the way I recommend. Extension for javascript files is .js and of course you can write it using any text editor. It's a lightweight programming language which means that it is not so complicated and syntax is fairly simple. There are tons of written libraries which can make writing of  javascript codes much much easier. Some of the most popular libraries are: jQuery, MooTools, Prototype, Dojo...etc. All that beautiful sliders that you see on today's websites are created with javascript with help of jQuery library.


So basically if you learn these two programming languages, you will be able to do ANYTHING that comes on your mind for your websites. So we almost answered the question what is the best language for web development, depends on what you want to do, you can go either with PHP or Javascript, but learning any of these two is good. So get some tutorials and start coding. Cheers!