Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What is the best text editor for a beginner?

Probably at this point you know that you need a text editor to start writing the code for your website, but you are unsure what is the best text editor for a beginner. Choosing the good one will surely make you more comfortable with writing the code, and also give you some useful options which make your coding easier. I will now try to show you top ones that are great for beginners to use, and of course free. Remember they are not sorted from the best to worst, I will list them randomly, and you go and pick the one you like the most.

1. Notepad ++

Maybe you already heard about this one. It's the one of the most popular and simplest editors out there. It is extendable with a different plugins. You can download it here.

2. Aptana Studio

Another good choice, it has fully featured IDE with many plugins available. Main focus of this editor is development of AJAX applications. Might be a little bit confusing to the new users but I would give it a chance. Click here to download the Aptana Studio.

3. Amaya

Great editor for a users that are in a learning process. It's a W3C editor and it can validate the HTML while you writing it as it also acts like a browser. Perfect editor if you want to follow up with the W3C standards. And of course the download link.

4. phpDesigner

This one is mostly used for making  a PHP pages and web applications, but it is great one for beginners at the world of the web development. So if you will use this editor for creating complex php pages or maybe for learning the php, either way it's a excellent choice. Link: phpDesigner

5. HTML-kit

HTML-kit is the editor which gives you lot of features especially for the writing of HTML and CSS code. It also has option to validate your code, which is rare for free editors.


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