Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How long does it take to learn web design

You are all curious about how long does it take to learn web design, right? Answer to this question is really depending on the individual that is trying to learn web design. Some people have more natural artistic talent then others, and may eventually come up with some great ideas in the small amount of time. If you are afraid that your artistic skills are not so good, don't worry. But firstly, before anything, you need to learn HTML and CSS. It is absolutely essential when it comes to web design. When someone say "I am a web designer", it also means that person know css and html. You should not have many problems with this part. I recommend you to visit w3schools to find some great css and html tutorials. Just Google it and there ya go. If you already know html and css, I would recommend learning photoshop. With combination of these, you can create amazing website in photoshop, show it to client in a image format, and then convert it to html/css.

When it comes to actual design ideas, let me suggest you something. Always look at competition designs, see web design inspiration galleries, and together with time you will learn what people like, what is trendy, and eventually sometimes have almost instant ideas for designs. Don't worry about time frame, it will only ruin your learning process. Be patient, and most importantly: PRACTICE! While learning, you should experiment on your own all the time, and also try to use everything you learned so far to make simple web pages, etc.

After you become confident enough that you can design solid websites, try to get some jobs at freelance site. You can make nice money there, but one more great thing about freelance sites is that you will meet lot of people and employers, and all of them can be your potential partners to earn money. Start to learn web design right now, and good luck!


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