Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Do I need college classes to learn web design?

As web design is very popular today, there are some colleges that offer web design classes, so some might ask themselves "do I need college classes to learn web design". I am absolutely sure that you will do lot better if you learn it on your own. Simply enough internet is loaded with the tutorials and helpful forums so basically you can learn just about everything by using those. Another thing is, I am sure most college programs are late in terms of trends and popular coding/designing. Because learning programs are taking long time to develop and organize, so at the time they start using it for the classes, there is possibility that some of the stuff from their learning program is getting old. Everything I know about web design, I learned on my own. Experimenting, exploring and practicing are things that lead to successful web designer.  Trust me you will just waste money if you decide to pay for college classes to learn it. Let's talk about things you can do to get started learning web design.

First of all, you need to get through css and html. That is fundamental of web designing and should be your starting point. Go to w3schools and see everything about html/css on there. After you learn some basics, also good idea is to pick some templates from web and see how their coding and design look. You can always learn new things by looking at templates made by others. Also, try to make your own pages and test them locally on your computer. Imagine some kind of company, and make a complete website for it. Take your design and post it on some forums, ask for opinions and suggestions. Also, always good thing is to ask your friend on their opinion on the site you created. Divide your learning process on several parts, and do not move from one part to another until you fully mastered previous one. Practice, practice, and practice. You will do wonders, trust me ;)


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