Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to make a person look younger in Photoshop?

Maybe you have some photos of yourself or your friend, and you wanted to know how to make a person look younger in Photoshop. Yes as you probably assumed, Photoshop is the right way to do that. It is by far the best program for processing digital photographs and it's so popular that even people that have nothing to do with photography heard something about it. If used in the right way, it can do amazing stuff with the photographs. Basically, in order to make someone on the photo look younger, you need to clean his face and make it look more smooth. You probably saw some beautiful photographs of the models in the magazines? Notice how their skin on the face look soft and clean. It's all done in photoshop. In fact, it's not really hard to learn. Maybe you will have some trouble in the start, but with practice and experimenting you can really get some nice photoshop skills in a just few months.

If you are familiar with the photoshop already, I will tell you which are the most used tools to achieve these effects. Most essential tool is the Clone Tool, pretty easy to use, you need to select a sample from the clean area of the face and then click on the part you want to correct. Other one is the Healing brush tool, which can be used to additionally smooth the skin and make everything look more natural. That were some tips for those who are already familiar with the photoshop but unsure of which tools to use for this. But for totals beginners, and also advanced users, I will post a video tutorial from a YouTube where a guy is showing you how to make someone look younger with some very nice tips and tricks by using an example of older woman and making her look very nice. I am sure you will like it.


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