Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Best Way To Learn HTML and CSS

People ask me very often what is the best way to learn HTML and CSS. Truth is that there is no really best way. Why? Because every man is different, and said so some will find it easier to learn in one way, and some will think that way others use is hardest one. But I will now give you some tips that will help you learn CSS and HTML faster for sure.

1. Patience

This is very important. Don't think you can learn everything in a one day, you need yo know that from beginning. People often think that they can learn it all in a just few days and start to use their knowledge right away, but when they see that is not possible most of them gets demotivated and stop learning.

2. Go step by step

This tip is really a follow up the to previous one. For example, if you are learning CSS, take just one part of it and master it before moving to the next one. Example: Start learning positioning with CSS and ONLY when you master that part, move to the next one. When you start thinking that positioning is a piece of cake, when for example have the positioning code for some div elements in your head before even writing it, you mastered that part, move to the next one.

3. Practice

Also really important part. Everything new that you learn, practice with it, experiment with the code as much as you can, there is also a possibility that you will learn something new from the experiments. Don't just read one tutorial and move to the other right away, doesn't matter if you understood the code while reading it, if you don't practice you will forget everything you read in a matter of days!

4. Do not waste money on books and tutorials

Some people will maybe not agree with me on this one, but I am writing my personal tips, and this is my opinion. There is really TONS of free and also good tutorials on the internet, so no reason to waste money on that. You can also get help on the many helpful forums covering this topic, there are plenty of people that will respond on your question in a matter of minutes.

5. Use your new knowledge to teach other people

If you have some friend who is also interested in this topic and want to learn about HTML and CSS, offer them some basic lessons to help them get started. It will also help you because teaching is great way to make your skills and knowledge get stronger.

So these are just basic tips, there are more for sure, but I listed the best ones here that will help you learn faster. Combining these tips may very well be the new best way to learn HTML and CSS. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for new tips, tricks and tutorials. Bye!


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