Monday, May 14, 2012

What web programming language should I learn?

Hi fellows, as title says, I am getting asked very often what web programming language should I learn by individuals that are eager to enter the web development waters. Of course, It's always better to ask then to do wrong thing. Web developer is a really popular job these days and because of that interests from people to learn some web programming languages are growing. First thing I am going to say about this: Be patient! You can't learn anything in a day or two. Now let's see what choices you have here.

Firstly, if you don't know anything about HTML and CSS, please close this page and start learning it. Just joking, well, html/css is something you can't start to learn web development without. So before you go for any of the languages, you need to learn html and css, it is a essential thing and you cannot pass it. There are tons of tutorials about this, I recommend checking out w3schools to learn some basics. But if you do know html/css, then you have some choices to make about programming languages to learn. Firstly you need to decide what are the things you want to do with the pages you make. If you want to make interactive web pages, with all kinds of image sliders, drop down menus, and so on, you should go for javascript first. It is the browser side language and it's very popular. Also there are many libraries that can make your life easier when it comes to javascript. That is a little something about javascript. PHP is also a great choice to make when it comes to web development. It is a server side language which means that code is running on the server which is returning the result to the browser. PHP is great for processing and validating forms, working with databases, etc. So you are probably asking yourself when is he going to answer the question...Well, if I must make a choice, it would be PHP first. Master it and you will do wonders. But don't forget about javascript, also very useful.


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